Privacy Policy

It is our policy never to provide to any third party personal information we have collected from our advertisers or site visitors in the course of day to day operations. Information collected will only be used and provided to management, employees and the appropriate legal authorities if legally obligated.

For the purpose of this policy, legally obligated means subpoena and/or legal search and seizure warrants.

The information displayed on and within our website to the public is information provided to us by our advertiser with their full knowledge this information may and will be displayed to the public.

While and it's parent company, Awesome WebSite Marketing, will make every attempt to keep the database records residing on their servers "hack free", they can be in no way held responsible for nor legally bound to provide a completely secure environment. Furthermore should this private and personal information be disseminated without permission, users and advertisers may not hold or Awesome WebSite Marketing legally responsible nor seek any indemnification whatsoever.

It is further understood simply by using this website and it's services that you do so at your own risk to the accuracy and the eventual display of any or all content.

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